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White Birch Farm Riding Lessons

Mel & Hot Shot

Melonie and riding Hot Shot
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Mel and Breda
Photo of Melonie and Breda ~ courtesy of Scarlet
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Melonie and Breda at their PSG debut

Melonie and Breda at their PSG debut

Melonie Rainey is from Texarkana, Texas and has been an "Equestrianne" for most of her life. Pretty much from the start, it was Cowgirls and Indians! Self-Taught to ride, was too fearless to know any better. She got her start at the young age of five with a barn sour Paso Fino mare named Pixie that pretty much tried to rub her off on any and every tree they passed. Next came a gorgeous buckskin Welsh cross that was beautiful, but had the usual pony attitude that any horse person knows and expects. Taught her how to say, I don't think so, Buddy Boy! How about an off-the-track Quarter Horse? Yep, her name was Cricket, slightly crazy -- scratch that, TOTALLY crazy and fast as lightening. They tried it all...thousands of miles of trails (bareback), swimming in lakes, 4-H, Western Pleasure, halter class, showmanship. An Appaloosa? Been there, done that. He was an incredible barrel race and pole bender. Broke young horses on a Quarter Horse ranch in Louisiana and also for any neighbor that needed a hand. Too many horses to name. Her nickname was "Horse" in elementary school, insisting that everyone call her by this name.

It was time for college, she went off to school, but then of course you always get back to your roots, don't you? She got the hankering to ride again, only this time she was a bona fide city girl, living in Seattle, Washington. "English style" riding was the name of the game. She showed up to a fancy hunter/jumper barn with her jeans tucked into her Harley boots. Didn't know any better! They were real impressed - Not - but that's okay, cuz' jumping was never her thing anyway. Saw a dressage horse one day, a beautiful thing from Germany. She still remembers that beautiful mare's name, Alaria, had never seen anything like it. She cried at the beauty of the movement and the shape of the saddle and the rider's elegant positioning. It's been a love affair ever since.

That was about 13 years ago! During this time she has bought a farm, boarded horses, designed equestrian products (even a dressage saddle!), trained and shown horses up the levels of dressage, all the way to Prix St. Georges! She knows a little something about horses...riding them, training them, loving them.
These days the pace is much slower. She'd like to share some of her knowledge with others that want to learn. Her approach is no nonsense, nothing too complicated, nothing too fancy, just good old fashioned horsewomanship. The emphasis is on the simple basics of dressage.

Melonie loves ALL types of horses and welcomes any breed. She has a soft spot for palomino warmbloods....or palominos of any kind! She is schooling her horse, Inca, a palomino German warmblood, at Third Level, and is also training a beautiful pinto Saddlebred, whom she plans to show summer of 2012. For information on lessons, call Melonie at 206.271.6737. You can also follow White Birch Farm on Facebook.

Penny and Mel


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Melonie Rainey